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10 Important Questions to Ask Before Marriage + FREE BONUS

Raising happy and healthy children with a strong Muslim identity starts with choosing the right partner. A partner who shares your same vision and wants to work with you to create a happy loving home with harmony between all its members.

Unfortunately, nowadays, many Muslim homes are filled with family problems and many Muslim children grow up in toxic environments, negatively affecting them physically, mentally, and spiritually.

A lot of the issues between couples are due to misunderstandings, ineffective communication, and differences in their family vision. They no longer bring tranquility to one another and continue to live miserable separate lives or end up divorced.

Did you know that the period with one of the largest rates of divorce is the first two years of marriage?

So how do you choose the right partner? The partner whom you understand, can communicate with, and share the same vision.

The answer is simple.


But not just talking.

Rather talking about the topics that matter; the way they practice their religion, how they deal with finances, their character, their family, and education.

It is truly surprising how many people end up marrying one another without knowing each other’s expectations, or who is going to be paying the bills!

So before saying I do, talk to your potential spouse. Know what you are looking for and what are your definite no-nos.

To help you, we have created a list of 75+ marriage questions to ask before getting married. Complement this with Istikharah prayer and God willingly, you will be guided to the right partner for you.

“My success comes only through Allah” (Quran, 11:88)

Top 10 Marriage Questions

1) What are you looking for in a spouse?

2) What are your personal religious goals?

3) What are your religious goals as a family? How do you see yourself practicing your faith with your family?

4) Do you pray the five daily prayers? What do you do to make sure you do not miss them? What do you do when you do miss one?

5) What are your financial goals as a family? How do you think finances should be handled between a married couple?

6) What do you think about women working? Is her income hers or for the family?

7) What do you think Riba (Usury) is? Are there situations you would consider using Riba as a necessity?

8) What is the role of the husband?

9) What is the role of the wife?

10) Do you have any children? Do you want to have children? If yes, how many? When?

Want more guidance in your search for Mr. or Ms. right? What are the etiquettes of the process? Are there more marriage questions to ask?

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“Like a Garment”

Like A Garment

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