Prophet Muhammad's (peace and blessings upon him) way to healthy eating

The Prophetic Way for Healthy Eating: Freebies Inside!

We made a field trip to Souq Waqif to learn about the food of the prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم.

We and a group of friends made a field trip to Souq Waqif (here in Qatar), and it is a market designed in an old-fashioned way. My sister in Islam (Rehab Atef) and I cooperated in putting together a program for this day to learn about the food of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم through this trip and purchasing supplies to make the Messenger’s food at home.

Souq Waqif in Qatar to learn about the prophetic way of eating

Rehab made a quick introduction on PowerPoint on:

1- Eating manners in Islam (and you could make the children act out the manners of eating like eating with 3 fingers and doing the sitting position for eating, and saying the duaa for before and after eating)
2- Mentioning some of the prophet’s food and their benefits with ahadith
3- Learning how to make talbina and tharid (some dishes)

Then we paid a visit to one of the shops in the market that sells these foods that the prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم used to eat:

1- We identified some of the food from what it looks like in the shop (dates, honey, vinegar, olive oil, barley, milk, talbeenah, thareed and zam zam water)
2- We drew them and wrote their names in Arabic (in a pre-prepared sheet)
3- We got to know the method of making talbeenah from one of the products in the shop, so that they can cook it when they go home and write about their experience in cooking it (in the same prepared sheet)
4- We got to know what thareed is, so that they can cook it when they go home and write about their cooking experience (in the same sheet)
5- We gave them a chance to buy whatever products they want

Free Printable for an Islamically integrated educational resource for children

You can find here the PowerPoint presentation for the prophet’s food.

You can find the file for this activity (introducing the prophet’s food – the method of making talbeena and thareed – an activity where you invent a new dish from the prophet’s food) here.

For Eating and Drinking manners, check out here.

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I want to take this chance to share some information/changes you can do to make your food healthier:

Many healthy fruits and vegetables to eat following the prophetic way

1- Exchange sugar with honey
2- Exchange table salt with natural sea salt or vinegar or lemon
3- Flavouring with onions and garlic
4- Exchange refined oil with olive oil or coconut oil
5- Exchange canned tomato sauce with fresh tomatoes mixed in the mixer
6- Exchange white flour with whole brown flour
7- Ban all unhealthy sweets and exchange it with fruits, dates, or cake made at home from honey and whole brown flour
8- Exchange unhealthy juice with juice made at home like banana with milk, strawberry with milk or any other fruits
9- Exchange medicine whenever possible with the black seed, honey, fruits (orange & lemon), onions and garlic

In the beginning, the change will be difficult because we are used to a specific taste for food, but be patient, and by time you will get used to the new taste and love it, and you even won’t believe that you liked the previous taste for food.

Our bodies are a trustee from Allah, don’t waste that.
Stay healthy.

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